Bodies of work > In Medias Res: The infinite genesis of the universal Present

Mantra, nine
Mantra, nine
Synthetic fibers, pigments, and resin
27 x 29 x 4"

From the body of the celestials to that of Earth, the Mantras open the series, inviting in viewers from the mind through the drawn line, asserting into their space sculpted forms of negotiated linear origins. Evidencing a meditative process that facilitates a cultural feedback loop of our stories, knowledge and music though transformed in presentation like open exposures resulting in color-fields of the information carried as strings through subspace.

The frame on these works becomes the media used in the rest of the series as the main ingredient symbolizing the undulating curvature of spacetime.

The initial iteration of this cycle of works found its dissent during the 2020 Pandemic as an investigation
of the nature of existence. Tapping into an active mediation process coursing from to music through podcasts, and finding significant eddies in physics and literature like cascading from cultural productions and transcending its form as a spectrum of layered language into abstract color fields.

Inspired by and in collaboration with the formation of our present reality, these works present information as phrases lifted from the social fabric and reinserted in a positive feedback loop. Creating beauty out of the tension between a two and three dimensional space and suspending certainty and context- much like an infinite manifold coexisting in varying regularity en tandem with our causal time space model.