Bodies of work > In Medias Res: The infinite genesis of the universal Present

Sustaining Articulation
Sustaining Articulation
Synthetic fibers, pigments, and resin
52 x 59 x 22”

This work started with an infinity symbol and playing with it for way too long. Then while preserving this single twist, it appeared as a path scribing the torus and thinking of the conservation of energy, as light and matter manifesting as an organic volume of spacetime transgressing on and/or developing from a form of denser dimensional definition.
I see the colored lines as the free timelike curves that transgress as they will, the greater dimensional construct and where they become the black linear, planar, and voluminous areas are regions of spacetime, places where this energy conforms to a continuum and obeys the local laws to conserve the basic laws of motion and conser- vation of energy. The panchromatic volumes I just see as symbolic of other types of unknown but stable dimen- sional formations, and the semitransparent volume as a “brane”.
The infinity symbol may be a gift of inspiration, disclosing patterns we have yet to unfold all of the implications of. Or it may be a character that described an exotic idea perfectly, a balancing act implicating all possible time in our very abbreviated observation of it as seen through the changes in the space and consciousness around us. It is often used to illustrate a point moving around it as an endless track of motion, but not often thought of as an icon of a wave feature. A sine wave looped on itself. And if a wave then its motion would be a lot less predict- able than the particle running the track. In this bas-relief, this wave, entity, spime, or brane becomes a central character in describing the shape of existence, as forms deviate and relate back to their geometric counterparts.