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Between the Horizon and the Manifold
Between the Horizon and the Manifold
Synthetic fibers, pigments, and resin
95 x 69 x 42”

The known universe is a partially disclosed situation of being. Both in physical and mental distinctions. Superstring Theory describes a universe with more dimensions than our observations can corroborate, but mathematics has risen to provide concepts of dimensions that curl into the 3 + time, that we are comfortable with. These dimensions may curl to our awareness of them, we could be existing in a pocket of the universe's growth that makes them less dominant, or it could be that we are inhabiting a much greater dimensional domain that we are able to perceive in our sequentially dependent frame of reference. Between the Manifold and the Horizon explores the state of our physical universe wholly as waves of possible states and the core of this black hole as a manifold possessing influence into other parts of the galaxy and universe.

As we continue to find our local and cosmic environments to have qualities that appear to be illusory within the context of relative time, it is interesting to look to the places where time behaves the oddest in an effort to normalize that which we do not understand. Often the simplest answer is the correct one. Time is a state of organization within a continuum of spacetime to which all other possible states are held against it in tension along an unknown dimensional manifold which reveals a couch surface that we recognize as the known universe. This then allows for multidirectional time, parallel formations of reality in a macroverse, and the clumping of galaxies to blackholes beyond the influence of their mass.

The question I get asked most often with this work is where the location of the horizon is. Formally speaking it would be the floor but the implications would mean the room, everyone in it, this worldview, all of the feelings and thoughts we have ever experienced or shared, and the holographic projection we perceive to be reality