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E Pluribus Unum
E Pluribus Unum
Synthetic fibers, pigments, and resin
70 x 69 x 26

E Pluribus Unum, usually referring to a hero, is referring to our universe from a multiverse of sifting dimensions, and the matter as shimmering light suspended between two singularities that can only be viewed from the side. The two singularities take on opposing types of symmetry, one of pure multidirectional time and the other expressed as layers of material dimensions which travel at different speeds (colors of panchromatic light).

Much like the hero at the center of a narrative, the universe is larger than our focus is able to take in, and even though we cannot absorb the true nature of their virtues and motivations, or even begin to paint the full portrait of their being, the rest of the setting beyond them is beginning to be revealed to us allowing our awareness to use the tools of quantum mechanics and string theory to better describe the phenomena which inform our non-temporal and nonscalar existence.