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Observations and Metaphors
Observations and Metaphors
Synthetic fibers, pigments, and resin
54 x 57 x 5"

Fibers run through solidified spatial layers depicting the vacuum of space similar to how we perceive it and how we imagine it. Drawn lines support a color-field obscured by the compiled semi-transparent resin reflecting points and waves of light while constructing a dimensional representation of nebulae and stars. The glassy, wavy reflective surface reflects the gaze of the observer while framed by the fabric of spacetime in an organically modified geometry presenting this moment of existence to us.

This Tondo surfaced to me after a color-field of text was in place and I found that the frame I made was reaching back into the work. While I was initially working with ideas of the Higgs-Boson Field, quantum mechanics, and spacetime during the pandemic the work was really about embracing change, and how many really strange examples we have of that collective process which seem to ironically congeal our sense of reality while adding depth. Certainly an awesome and humbling process and experience.