• Art Ideal Magazine, Autumn issue

    Art Ideal Magazine, Autumn issue

    As autumn extends into our present awareness amidst our tumultuous circumstances and a world working to navigate this period as a period of growth. I look forward to all of the positive permeations that the near future will bring us.

    I have been spending my time in quarantine with my son and doing a deep dive into astrophysics. Mostly String Theory, Quantum Mechanics and how they relate to relativity and our observations of space and time. I have been working on abstractions of spacial manifolds, transference and translations of information between dimensions and dealing with our universe as a phrase of time space.

    I am proud to announce that I was invited to show some works with the Circle Foundation.

    These works serve as a good introduction to a new existential crisis obsession/series that are literally unfolding and entangling in front of me in my studio. They both situate the present moment as the act of creation, and the Mantras create color fields from the information, and the Natural World resembles a spacetime figure interacting with contrasting symmetries of past and future dimensions of spacially represented time in an eternalist expression of spacetime.

    I am very excited to share these works and look forward to being able to show them with you in person!